Let Us Know You Want In!

We are excited to be testing the beta version of Aqqaint. The first social network marketplace built on trust which enables you to connect with friends, and friends-of-friends, to support buying, selling, loaning, renting, and giving away products and product reviews.

Aqqaint values safety, trust, and personal accountability. We don’t believe that these factors need to be missing to create an effective marketplace. Our trusted network approach removes the anonymity of stranger-to-stranger apps, such as Letgo, Craigslist, Offerup, and even Facebook Marketplace, that enable criminal activity to take place.

Once you have built your extended trust network, Aqqaint enables you to exchange products and product reviews. Our app supports buying, selling, loaning, renting, and giving items away. Additionally, you have the ability to recommend products to your friends and see which products they love.

Don’t wait, we need you. We are still in the early stages of building our product and feedback from our customers is critical to help us build a tool that you can use to “do more with the people you trust.”