The first private social network for businesses

Create your own mobile, modern, and secure social network for your organization or community of any size with very little effort and minimal cost.


People are starved for authenticity and trust. Organizations putting people first and creating belonging will be the ones winning new member and growing into the future.


Unlike the other social network platforms that turn you and your members into the product, Aqqaint believes everyone has a right to data privacy, and should own 100% of their data.


People stay with organizations longer when they are more engaged, feel a stronger connection, and a shared sense of purpose. Our platform fosters those connections.

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Packed with Features

Aqqaint offers more features and data privacy than any other community platform on the market.

Bring your brand, color palette, and more. Or choose our white-label option for a completely immersive experience right from the app store.
Mobile app
Stay in the hip pocket of your audience with our 100% mobile product whether you choose to go white-label or host your community on Aqqaint’s platform.
Private Marketplaces
Give your members the ability to exchange with a built-in peer-to-peer marketplace that is ready for buying, selling, sharing reviews, and more.
Trusted Networks
Empower your community to create powerful trusted networks. Aqqaint’s platform is designed to foster trust and increase positive engagement.
Enhanced Insights
Connect to all your most important third-party apps using and track key metrics to deeply understand your community’s success. 
100% Ownership
You own all the content and data which means you control how it’s used. Aqqaint is committed to delivering GDPR standards of to all our customers.

Designed for Your Community

Aqqaint’s platform was built so support diverse communities all across the globe. We partner with organizations of all sizes and industries. Our customizable, secure platform is ready grow with you.

Companies use Aqqaint to improve employee experience and retention by building a strong cohesive workforce through shared experience and shared support.
Religious Groups
Stay connected with your congregation outside of the church and support more member to member engagement and support.
Academic institutions use Aqqaint to connect students, faculty, and alumni to create lasting bonds and engagement beyond the classrom.
Associations and Member Groups use Aqqaint to connect, share experiences, coordinate upcoming events and exchange with trust.

We are ready to serve your community!

Aqqaint provides everything you need to build and engage your audience, whatever your interests may be. We believe that data privacy and data ownership are rights that every community should be afforded regardless of size.  

That is why Aqqaint offers a range of community options to support groups that only need the basics and a secure platform to host them to the larger audiences who prefer their own mobile app.

We are your product, technology, and customer success team all rolled into one. Aqqaint’s enterprise-level infrastructure which utilizes best-in-class cloud solutions ensures that you can stay connected to your audience without any downtime.

Our team is ready to help bring your community to the next level!