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You choose who to trust and we take care of the rest

Powerful Networks

You decide who to add to your trusted network. Then we make those individuals trusted connections available to you. It's two layers of connections but always through someone you know.


We don't just pair people based on proximity to your house. We help you connect with someone you share a mutual connection with. It's a safer and trustworthy way to exchange.

Make/Save Money

It is easy to buy and sell items, but with aqqaint, you have the ability to loan, rent, or give items away with people in your network allowing you to make some money or save some money all in one place.

Environmentally Friendly

We are good for Mother Earth! There are an estimated $381 billion in unused goods in U.S. homes. Instead of sending those items to a landfill, find a new home for them and keep the planet happy.

Honest Reviews

Fake reviews will be a thing of the past. See reviews from your trusted network of friends and friends of friends. Learn which products they love and which ones they don't.

It's Free

Our app is free to use and share. The only thing we ask is that you truly build your network on trusted relationships. We are trying to build something special for all of our users.

What People Are Saying


"Love that it's not like Craigslist where you get spammed by all kinds of fraudsters...it creates an almost immediate circle of trust."


"The most beneficial thing about the app is that I'm dealing with people I know or people they know. Immediate confidence booster."


"I like the reviews, could check out friends reviews before I look other places."

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