Amazing Features

Aqqaint has a variety of amazing features that make exchanging products and reviews easy, safe, and fun.


 Powerful Networks

Aqqaint is the only sharing app to connect you with friends and friends of friends. This gives you a large network of people you can exchange products and reviews with, while not sacrificing trust.


Unlike other mobile sharing apps, the marketplace in Aqqaint is specific to the network you create. You will always either know the person you are doing business with directly or through a friend.

Make/Save Money

Aqqaint makes it easy to not only buy or sell items, but to also loan, rent, or give items away with people in your network. You can also find deals or free items from others. Make some money and save some money at the same time.



Aqqaint is good for Mother Earth! There are an estimated $381 billion in untouched goods in U.S. homes. Instead of sending those items to a landfill, find a new home for them and keep the planet happy.

Reviews You Can Trust

Fake reviews will be a thing of the past. See only the reviews that your friends and friends of friends leave. Also, learn which products your friends truly love and not what a bunch of strangers thinks.

It’s Free

Aqqaint is free to use and share. It is however currently an invite-only service. Once you have access, however, you are free to grow your network with as many trustworthy people as you see fit.


There’s a better way

Other social marketplace apps connect you with strangers and hope for the best. That seems crazy to us. We have experience with the power of trusted first and second-degree networks. Aqqaint makes it easy to do more with the people you trust!


The Founding Team


Steve Garofano

Steve Garofano

Co-Founder - Operations

Steve oversees operations and is responsible for driving Aqqaint’s overall direction and success. He is a passionate problem solver and loves a good challenge. Steve founded Aqqaint to tackle the lack of trust in the sharing economy. A vital economic force, which Steve believes is the way of the future. He holds two Master’s degrees. He has experience working as a White House analyst and has held senior positions with Boeing and Oracle, developing software solutions to meet some of our government’s most difficult challenges.

Steve is also an outgoing light-hearted family man and avid Red Sox fan who’s not afraid of the Green Monster!

Nick Portlance

Nick Portlance

Co-Founder - Marketing

Nick has owned multiple small businesses over the past decade spanning a variety of sectors including art, real estate,  consumer products,  and technology. He is a natural leader who honed his leadership skills in the U.S. Air Force. Nick was first introduced to Steve and Matt while running a team for Boeing where they designed software for the U.S. Special Operations Command. He is energized by tough problems with solutions that can have meaningful impacts. There could no better problem for Nick than solving the challenge of bringing trust and accountability to the sharing economy.

In his spare time, Nick loves to paint and spend time with his family. He holds a B.S. in Asian Studies and an M.B.A in Entrepreneurship.

Matt Park

Matt Park

Co-Founder - Technology

Matt loves all things technical. He joined Aqqaint as a co-founder because he believes in the power of interpersonal relationships. The current solutions do not recognize trust as the universal currency behind day to day transactions. Matt has a long history of leadership stemming from his service as an Army Airborne Infantryman, management of projects and events in the Immediate Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon, as well as leadership roles with Boeing and Booz Allen Hamilton focused on Big Data, Cloud, and Cyber Security. In each position, Matt led implementation of solutions to transform processes, people, and data. He values a lean approach to developing software that puts the emphasis on building products based on real user feedback.

Matt is a family man and enjoys boating with friends in his spare time. He’s engaged in graduate studies in Software Engineering at Harvard and holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Strayer University.