The Trust Team

Our culture is all about building stronger communities through trust.    

We’re here because we care about the future we will all share and we decided to make a difference.  We believe that Aqqaint is making the world a better place, one trusted community at a time. 

We’re also here because we care about each other.  Our team is small but dedicated.  We each do our part to move the company and the vision forward.  We value hard work, honesty, open communication, and a desire to leave the world a little better than we found it.

Graclyn Braide

UI/UX Design

Steven Garofano

Co-Founder / CEO

Susy Hwang

Co-Founder / Trust & Security

Matt Libby

Engineering Database

Matt Park

Co-Founder / Technology

Nick Portlance

Co-Founder / Marketing

Ben Tse

Engineering Artificial Intelligence