Tap Into The Power of Sharing

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Tap Into the Power of Sharing

(and it makes for better neighbors)

Communities are stronger when they work together.  That is a fact.

The rise of the sharing economy is evidence of the power sharing gives each of us.  When we use goods and services more efficiently it fattens our wallets and gives each us more power.


There are millions of people who book rooms using AirBnB.  This is a $570 billion dollar industry.  Thanks to the likes of AirBnb, VRBO, Homestay, FlipKey and other home sharing apps, new you can tap into that industry and make money from what is arguably your biggest asset, your home.

Did you know that a NYC taxi medallion went for $1.3 million in 2013, and is now auctioned for around $160,000?  Uber and Lyft disrupted the taxi service and provided employment opportunities for anyone with a decent ride and wanting to make some money.  This is ride-sharing industry is going to top $285 billion.  


The sharing economy has attracted innovations across every industry.  You can find someone to rent their home, loan their car, walk your dog, and just about any other task you can think of.

It’s truly amazing isn’t it!

The sharing of physical products is the next frontier.

Sharing access through renting or loaning builds stronger communities.  There are approximately 5.3 billion unused items sitting in U.S. homes.  Goods that could be loaned, rented, or sold to someone who could use them.

What if we changed our perspective?  What if we looked at all the items we own as assets worthy of selling or renting?  We can take those 5.3 billion items that we never or seldom use and put them to work for us.  

So what’s stopping us?

1) We don’t like dealing with strangers

2) We don’t know who needs them

3) We aren’t sure what our items or time is worth


First, start connecting with the people you trust.  Apps, like Aqqaint, help you build networks with people you know or share a mutual connection with.  So, you can deal with people you know.

Second, let your community know what you are willing to sell or loan and list it!  We only list used items at the exact moment we feel the need to get rid of them.  Instead find those items now and make them available.  You never know when a friend, family member, neighbor, or colleague will be in need.

Third, share your expertise.  Were you a master mechanic before you become a computer programmer?  Many of us have passions and hobbies we keep to ourselves but could benefit our greater community.  Turn your passion into an additional source of income.

Most of us would be more than happy to share with people we trust.  However, we often don’t know we can help until AFTER the need has been fulfilled.

Stronger communities mean pulling together both in spirit and resources.  Oh, and it has the added benefit of putting more money in your pocket and helping the environment.

So, get started!