Our Solution

It Starts With Trust!

Think of the last time you read online reviews or bought a used item from a peer-to-peer marketplace.  Aqqaint removes ambiguity connecting you with honest reviews and people you trust, unlike other marketplaces.  

We save you time, money, and increase your safety, whether trying to interpret the thousands of reviews on Amazon or find a public place to exchange.  

Bottom line, Aqqaint is the safest and most trustworthy peer-to-peer exchange available today.  

You are likely one of the of the 8 in 10 individuals who has purchased something online.  

And there are an overwhelming number of options to buy and sell used goods online and share reviews.   

You may have used  peer marketplace apps, like LetgoOfferup, Facebook Marketplace, or Mercari.  Or sought out reviews on Amazon and Yelp.

However, all these options connect you with strangers and stranger’s reviews.  That seems crazy to us! 

Especially when you consider the number of crimes committed on these apps and the rise of fake reviews.

Aqqaint built a network for you with all of this in mind.

Our trust networks enable you to connect with people or groups you know and trust.  

Your Safety Comes First

We have been called the “LinkedIn of the Sharing Economy”, because on Aqqaint you connect with friends (your first-degree) and then we broaden your network to the trusted friends-of-friends (your second-degree).  

You will always have a sense of who you are dealing with and how they are related to you through a mutual connection.

Sometimes you might have a group or organization that you inherently trust the members of.  This could be your school, church, non-profit, union, or company…you get the idea.

Aqqaint Communities is a way for those groups to set up a safe environment for you to exchange with people you may not know directly, but share similar values.

You Can Do More with Trust

You probably wouldn’t loan or rent an item to a someone you don’t know, or at least not without some hesitation.

With a trust network, however, you can do just that.

There is no question that we are consumers and probably own more items then we need.  In fact, it is estimated that the average American household has $3100 in items just laying around!

Aqqaint supports buying, selling, loaning, renting, giving items away, and sharing reviews.  

So you have more power to put those unused items to good use!

Reputation Matters

You have built relationships with the people you trust.  That takes time.  It’s the continuous behavior they demonstrate that creates trust.

Companies routinely ask us to trust complete strangers and rely on them to decide on who is trustworthy.  That doesn’t always work out.

Aqqaint’s method is to extend the reputation you have earned to a second-degree network or community to create a safe exchange.

Your Personal Data Stays Personal

We feel that you shouldn’t have to become a commodity when using social networks.  

Aqqaint is setting ethical standards for protecting our members data from the beginning.  We are adopting the standards set out in General Data Protection Regulations, established in the EU.  As well as, the California Consumer Privacy Act.