Powerful features to keep you engaged with your audience.

Aqqaint’s one-of-a-kind platform was built to support communities of all kinds. We offer a powerful suite of tools to get you up and running quickly and the ability to grow with confidence. 

Choose between two amazing mobile app experiences

Aqqaint's Platform: Host your community on our existing network of communities for a semi white-label option and get started today.

100% White-Label: Extend your branding all the way to the app store with your own native mobile app and a consistent experience.

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Control, ownership, and trust... we take privacy seriously

Control: Branding, member control, or whether your community is public or private, you are in charge.

Ownership: You own 100% of the content you and your community members create. Period.

Mutual Trust: Members see how they are connected to one another to build powerful networks that help communities grow.

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Members connect to foster a truly active community.

Growth: Members easily create accounts through email or existing social accounts. Inside, they can invite others to join through personalized sharable links.

Engagement: Users share content they create such as updates, marketplace listings, and events. Comments and activity notifications keep members coming back for more.

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More than just software
We are your IT partner

Aqqaint offers an A-to-Z solution which includes industry best security, data storage, deep-linking, social sharing, backups, and a handful of other services that keep your community running strong. 

We employ a team of people to make sure that we can maintain every feature and service, as well as listen to our partners like you on how we can make you and your member’s experience even better. That means continuously improving Aqqaint’s platform.

You bring your brand...we do the rest

Get started today and create a feature rich community on Aqqaint’s existing mobile platform, or choose our full white-label option to control your member’s experience with your own native app. 

We have options that suit your needs and budget.


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