You are building trusted connections

Aqqaint is a mobile app that supports modern and secure social network that supports connections between friends, family, colleagues, and more. We help you build strong trustworthy networks through mutual connections and people you know directly, like the person who invited you to join today. 

The easiest way to get started is to open the link you received from your mobile device. Or, if you know the person that invited you, you can download the Aqqaint app from the Apple or Google Play store can search for them and other people you may know inside the app.

Connecting from a mobile device

When you click on the link provided from a mobile device you will be able to take advantage of Aqqaint’s deep linking technology. This will guide you from the app store, through the invitation process, and add that individual into your network. It’s a super simple process and only takes a few steps, pictured below.

Welcome to Aqqaint!