The Do’s and Dont’s of Regifting This Holiday Season

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The Do's and Dont's of Regifting

When done in thoughtful considerate way, regifting can be a great way to give someone a meaningful gift, save some money, and spare everyone's feelings.

It’s great fun to exchange gifts with family and friends during the holiday season.  However, from time to time, you may receive something that just doesn’t quite match your style.  

When that happens, you have a few options to consider.  

  1. You can stash the gift in a closet or your garage until spring cleaning rolls around.
  2. You can try to exchange the gift for store credit (if you know where it was purchased)
  3. You might consider regifting!
If the last idea gives you pause, you are not alone.  Regifting has gotten a bad rap over the years, but that is only because most of us are not aware of regifting etiquette.  
So, if you decide to regift this holiday season follow these tips to make sure you do it thoughtfully and spare everyone’s feelings.  

Tip 1: Only Regift Brand New Stuff

This should go without saying, but you should only regift brand new items.  If you used the gift, sampled the gift, or the gift was worn then you need to keep it.  

Tip 2: Don't Regift Within The Same Circle

If you receive a gift from a colleague you shouldn’t regift it to your boss or someone else in your workplace.  Instead think of family or friends outside of work who might benefit and enjoy the gift.  Always mix it up!

Tip 3: Rewrap The Gift

Rewrapping the gift freshens things up a bit.  It allows you to remove the clues that you were the intended recipient (name on tags or paper), and it allows you to wrap in your own way.  Not only does it look more presentable, but it helps to make the regifting more personal for you.

Tip 4: Don't Regift Stuff You Got For Free

Many holiday deals offer some incentive when you purchase over a certain dollar amount.  You might receive sample perfume, a nail set, or other free swag.  Free swag does not equal a free gift.  Just keep this stuff or give it away, but it’s not a suitable regift item.

Tip 5: If It Was Handmade It's Not Regiftable

If the gift you received was carved, knitted, sewn, painted, baked, or if hot glue was involved at any point you are stuck with it.  I mean come on, there was likely some bleeding or burnt fingers to make this gift.  Just tuck it away and be sure to proudly display it when that person pays you visit.

Tip 6: Don't To Tell The Gifter

No matter how you may feel about the gift you received, just say thank you and keep it moving.  You don’t need to tell the person you plan to give away their gift.  That’s just rude!  However, it is critical that you follow Tip 2.

Tip 7: It Doesn't Have To Be A Secret

Lastly, you might be surprised to know that sometimes it’s totally cool to tell your friend or family member that the present you’re giving them is a regift.  If you are close and the regifting is a thoughtful gesture then why not mention it.

“Hey this was given to me and it immediately made me think of you!  I just know how much you love this kind of stuff and had to give it to you.”

So as you can see, proper regifting can be done as long as you take some care in how you regift.  Following these tips should help you give your gift to someone who will appreciate it and ensure no one’s feelings are hurt in the process.

After all, the holidays are all about spreading cheer!