Experience Real Trust!

You are likely one of the of the 8 in 10 individuals who has bought something online.  

You may also be one of the 7 in 10 people who trust reviews from people they know over that of a stranger.

Aqqaint has built a network for just for you!

Our platform allows you to create and join trust networks which connect you with the people or groups you know and trust.  

Connect with People You Trust

You decide which friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to trust.

We handle the rest.

Aqqaint has been called “the LinkedIn of the Sharing Economy” because every connection is transparent.

And you always know any listing you see is from someone who you know directly or share a mutual connection with.  

Trust Networks Let You Do More

You might be reluctant to loan or rent an item to a complete stranger. 

However, with a trust network of friends, friends of friends, and community groups you trust, you can do much more than just buy and sell.  

Aqqaint enables you to buy, sell, loan or rent, give items away, and share honest reviews.

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Transparency = Efficiency

Comments are key!  We have found that comments are a great way to keep information flowing for an exchange of any type.

Questions are answered and prices negotiated once, as opposed to multiple times with DMs.  

It might feel a little strange as first, but remember these are all people you know.  No strangers here!

Spread the Word and Build Your Trust Network Today!
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