Experience Real Trust!

Other peer exchange apps, such as LetGo, OfferUp, Craigslist, Mercari, etc., connect you with strangers.  
Aqqaint finds a perfect balance between community and technology empowering our members to build powerful TRUST NETWORKS made up of friends, and friends of friends, and groups you know, to support the sustainable exchange (buying/selling and loaning/renting) of products, services, and to share honest reviews.  
Trust and transparency is what we do!  It’s our way of creating a safer and successful sharing economy!

Connect with People You Trust

Getting connected with people and communities you trust is the first step to building your trust network.  

We make it easy to see who you share a mutual connection with and who you have added to your network.  

And listings never go beyond 2-degrees of separation from someone you have trusted.  So you always know who you are dealing with

Do More with Trust

Knowing who you are doing business with makes all the difference. 

With a trust network of friends, friends of friends, and community groups you trust, you can do much more than just buy and sell.  

Aqqaint helps you to buy and sell, but it also helps to loan or rent, give items away, share honest reviews, and find things or services you may need.

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Transparency = Efficiency

Comments are key!  We have found that comments are a great way to keep information flowing for buyers, sellers, and interested parties.  

Questions can be answered and prices negotiated once, as opposed to multiple times with DMs.  

It might feel a little strange as first, but remember these are all people you know.  No strangers here!

Spread the Word and Build Your Trust Network Today!
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