COVID Community

COVID -19 Community Support

Today, you are likely working from home, home-schooling your kids, or possibly both.  Everything is shutting down around you.  We are no longer able to visit our favorite restaurants, our gyms, our parks, and no one seems to have an answer as to how long this may continue.

It is in these times that we need to rely on the people we trust, our community, more than ever!

Aqqaint wants to help!  We will continue to provide our service free-of-charge (as always) and ad-free for as long as this crisis lasts.  We are providing instructions below for anyone (individual or groups) who would like to start a private community on our platform.   The individual creating these community accounts will have complete control over who is allowed to exchange and we are not restricting products related to the COVID-19 pandemic, like other sites.  

Getting Your Community Started:
Important Note:

If you want to maintain a truly private community; only connect your personal account through the community.  This way you will only see and share listings with others who have connected through the same community account.  

If you have questions please email us at contact@aqqaint.com and we will be happy to help you through the process.

Trust Is More Important Than Ever!

We have seen many popular marketplace apps and neighborhood forums remove and/or ban listings related to critical items people need during this pandemic.  They are rightly concerned about their user’s safety and protecting against price gouging.  Something that is becoming more and more difficult to follow as items become scarce in many categories.

Aqqaint gives you the ability to control who you exchange with, so you can feel safe knowing that everyone in your community is someone you know personally or through a mutual friend.  We think peer-to-peer works better when trust is involved!

Our mission has always been to build stronger communities and a better planet.  There has never been a greater need than right now.  Please accept our offer to help you and yours to stay safe during these uncertain times.  

Please send a message to contact@aqqaint.com if you have questions or issues creating your community.