Tips for a Successful Community Launch

We have helped many companies launch successful communities on our platform.  We’d like to share some of the lessons we have learned over time that contribute to your success. Remember, creating the community is just the first step. Then, the focus is on increasing growth, engagement and retention across your audience. That requires a goal setting and planning to  start off on the right foot.

1. Have a member engagement strategy

Whether you are moving members from an existing platform or starting fresh, it's best to have a plan. Aqqaint provides you with short links and QR codes that use deferred deep-link technology to make the process seamless for your members.

Adding these links or codes to your existing social media channels, member emails, and print media are a proven way to draw attention to your community members.

2. Generate engaging content

However, before kicking off your engagement campaign you want to have some content for them to discover when they join your new community. We highly encourage you to add upcoming events, update posts, listings, and/or reviews.

Creating some familiar initial content provides a smooth transition.

3. Promote your sponsors

If you work with sponsors, consider sharing some promoted content or reviews in your community's feed. Many of the organizations we work with have found that providing another channel for their sponsors to be seen has strengthened those relationships. They may even be willing to help promote your community.

4. Engage with your member's content

Let your members know their content is valued by engaging. You can do that by favoriting or commenting on a member's posts, listings or event. Members will receive notifications that their content has activity and encourage them to return to your community time and again. Thoughtful engagement can be a strong motivator.

5. Share on social media

Share the most engaging user generated content on your existing social media channels. This will draw increased awareness and encourage member's to create more. Your community thrives when members feel connected. You can foster that connection by promoting content through Aqqaint's social sharing options to provide a broader reach and increase member growth.