Community Leaders

Stronger Communities. Better Planet.

As the leader of your community, you work hard to grow, nuture, and provide the most value possible.

Issues like data privacy are not being addressed by existing platforms, and more and more you are having to increase marketing budgets to ensure your members actually see the content you create.

Now more than ever before it is becoming increasingly difficult to build a safe and productive community where your members can thrive.

That is why we created Aqqaint Communities!

Strengthen Your Brand

Aqqaint Communities offers you an opportunity to have a your own mobile app experience without the cost associated with creating your own platform. This allows you to stay in the “hip pocket” of your community members and reach them wherever they are.

Protect Your Community's Privacy

Aqqaint is setting ethical standards for protecting our members data from the beginning.  General Data Protection Regulations and California Consumer Privacy Act are standard for all users.

Advertising Control Like Never Before

Aqqaint has options for communities when it comes to advertising not offered on other platforms. You can choose to go ad-free or only show selected ads in your community feed. This allows you to further strengthen your sponsor relationships and prevent competitive ads from targeting your hard earned audience. 

Additionally, depending on the size of your community, Aqqaint offers revenue-sharing options that don’t exist with other community platforms. You work hard to cultivate an engaged membership and we feel you should benefit from that.

Create a Safe Private Exchange for Your Group

Aqqaint built a platform with trust and transparency at its core.  

Members can connect with your Aqqaint Community to exchange products, services and share reviews knowing they are doing it within the confines of the community they belong.

Aqqaint, which has been called “the LinkedIn of the Sharing Economy“, works to create a safe environment for peers to buy, sell, loan or rent, and share honest reviews.