Stronger Communities with Aqqaint

You work hard supporting, nurturing, and growing your community.  It could be your school, church, neighborhood association, common interest group, loyalty program, or even your company.  You want to offer them benefits that matter and that will keep them engaged.  The members of your community have shared values, common interests, mutual struggles and goals, but most important, a sense of trust and belonging which keeps them invested.
Aqqaint offers communities, such as yours, a way to add EVEN MORE value.  Our mobile platform enables community leaders to create a safe and trustworthy environment centered around your organization to facilitate exchanges of products, services, and reviews among your members.

Powerful Trusted Exchange

Aqqaint's trust networks are centered around your community. You can now offer the members of your community a safe and trustworthy place to exchange goods, services, and reviews with each other. Trust networks also enable you to do more than buy and sell. We enable your members to loan or rent items, give items away, and share reviews.

Protect Your Members Privacy

Aqqaint is setting a new standard for data privacy. We are adopting and exceeding the standards for protecting customer data established in the EU and now being adopted in California. Aqqaint values trust in our networks and we extend that trust to protecting our members information. We will never sell customer data to third-parties.

Share Upcoming Events

Coordinate upcoming events for your organization right from the app. Share important dates, events, and activities and reach your members on their phone. Members can add comments, ask questions, and stay engaged.

Strengthen Your Brand

You have control to carry your brand right into Aqqaint with banner images, logos, and custom colors. Create a trust network your members will recognize and add another means to extend your brand.

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