Community Leaders

Stronger Communities. Better Planet.

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As the leader of your community, you work hard to grow, nuture, and provide the most value possible.

You might head up the PTO at your child’s school, work as a minister for your church, run a neighborhood association, or lead a non-profit organization.

Regardless of the important role you play in the community, you want to offer your members benefits that matter and will keep them engaged.

Create a Safe Powerful Exchange For Your Group

Your community has something in common.  Your members share values, interests, goals, and even struggles.  

Most important, they share trust in the group and with each other!

We feel that trust is the key ingredient to creating a successful peer exchange.

Aqqaint built a platform with trust and transparency at its core.  

Members can connect with your Aqqaint Community to exchange products, services and share reviews knowing they are doing it within the confines of the community they belong.

Aqqaint, which has been called “the LinkedIn of the Sharing Economy“, works to create a safe environment for peers to buy, sell, loan or rent, and share honest reviews.

Stay Engaged and Boost Retention

We know that it can be difficult to stay connected and get your message out with all the distractions out there.

Aqqaint Communities gives you the ability to schedule your important events and upcoming activities in a mobile app.

Your members can comment and stay engaged right from their smart phone.  So the important dates won’t get lost in a sea of emails.

More Than Buying and Selling

American’s have on average over 50 unused items in their home worth $3,100, according to an Ebay study.

That’s a lot of stuff people aren’t using!

Aqqaint helps your members do more than just buy and sell used goods from one another.  

The inherent trust in Aqqaint’s networks support loaning or renting items from each other, offering goods or services free of charge to those in need, or simply sharing a review of a product or service.

Aqqaint Communities can not only empower your members to do more with their unwanted items, but to help others and possibly make money with their less frequently used items.

Protect Your Community's Privacy

Your members should not become a commodity when using social networks to stay engaged with your community.  

Aqqaint is setting ethical standards for protecting our members data from the beginning.  We are adopting the standards set out in General Data Protection Regulations, established in the EU.  As well as, the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Strengthen Your Brand

Aqqaint Communities offers you an opportunity to provide another way to strengthen your brand to help your organization stand out.

You can customize your Aqqaint Community with your logo, background image, and brand colors.

Your members will always know they are in the right place and in the community they trust!

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