9 Items Hiding in Your Garage That Could Be Making You Money!

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9 Items Hiding in Your Garage That Could Be Making You Money!

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You have money makers just sitting in your garage waiting to be tapped into.  We like the added bonus that buying used or loaning/renting items you own is also a sustainable way to live and great for the environment.  We can all do more and consume less if we work together!

1. Clamps

Woodworking is a beloved hobby.  We work at night or on weekends, in our garage, and seldom share constructing that killer reclaimed wood headboard we made.  Why?  I’m secretly hoping you say, “Oh, where do you get that, Restoration Hardware?”  One can dream, lol.

Instead, share your passion and your tools with others.  Maybe you can introduce a friend to a new skill proven to help with relaxation.

2. Planes

Another woodworking tool that is tough as nails, so you can loan or rent it without worrying it will come back in pieces.  

Pro Tip: If you are using a hand plane for the first time get some pointers on how to use it properly.  There are also great video lessons online, like this one.

3. Hand Tools

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By honest, you have a collection of hand tools collecting copious amounts of dust.  I personally own tools for car repair (for that one time I changed my oil filter), wrenches for plumbing (I heroically unclogged a drain), and a variety of saws, allen keys, levels, etc.

When I need a tool for a single job I run to the hardware store like you.  Why? It’s kind of crazy when you think about it.  Most of the tools we own will outlive us.  Put your tools to good use loaning, renting or selling them to someone in need.

4. Circular Saw

I occasionally need to rip a piece of plywood down.  I like to build stuff.  However, the majority of the time my saw sits unused.  Loaning this to a friend or neighbor saves them a trip to Home Depot.  

Throw in one of these if you have it!

5. Lawnmower

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Why do we all need to own a lawnmower?  I live in a tropical region where the grass grows faster than Usain Bolt running the 100-meter dash, but I still only mow my lawn once every two weeks.

The rest of the time it sits unproductive while the gas gets stale.  Neighbors can work to come up with an alternating schedule to share lawn maintenance tools.  Save time and share a riding mower.  

6. Shovels

shovels, gardening, lawn maintenance, home repair, lawn and garden, garden tools, lawn tools

Sturdy as hell, seldom used, and easy to share…are you seeing a pattern?

7. Pressure Washer

You sprung for a pressure washer, good for you!  They are amazing time savers and make washing windows, cleaning concrete, and even washing your car a breeze.  They are also expensive.

Rent it out to friends, neighbors, etc and recoup some of the cost.

8. Folding Tables

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Be a neighborhood hero! You could help your neighbor down the street who is throwing a family gathering, the kid’s on the block opening a lemonade stand on a cardboard box, or your friend hosting a birthday party at a park.  Who can’t use an extra table from time to time.

9. Bicycles

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It is great to take an occasional weekend ride.  However, not all of us that like cycling own a bike.  It can be a space issue or just something you don’t use all the time.  If a friend or neighbor was loaning or renting his bike though, I would take advantage.

There are bike sharing programs in every major city.  Start your own for your neighborhood!

Remember to Be Smart About It

You are concerned about loaning or renting your stuff.  That isn’t unreasonable.  

Before loaning or renting an item to someone be sure that you have a relationship or have a good idea that they will care for your item.  

If we work together and share more we can build a better planet and stronger communities.

Apps like Aqqaint, allow you to loan, rent or buy/sell used with peace of mind.  You connect with people you know or share a mutual connection with so you always know the person on the other end of the exchange.

You can feel safe and know your network has your back. 

Did we miss an item you think should make the list?

Tell us in the comments and happy sharing!